January 2024

With February and Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so don't forget to show your motorcycle battery some love!

It's winter time and cold weather is tough on batteries when your bike hasn't been cranked in a while.  The best way to prevent the frustration of a dead battery is to keep your bike plugged in to a battery tender.  These "trickle charge" tenders give a slow, continuous charge to your battery to have you ready when the time comes to put your knees in the breeze!

These tenders are available from the www.natcheztraceharley.com parts department.  And should you find that your battery just refuses to cooperate, new batteries are available there too.  

And your tires need a little attention also.  How long has it been since you've checked the pressure in them?  Fluctuation in temperatures combined with long periods of your bike being idle can lead to reduced tire pressure.  Proper tire pressure leads to smoother and safer riding, as well as, longer lasting tire life.  As riding season approaches take a few minutes to speak with someone at the service department to make sure your bike's tires are road ready.