H. O. G. #3224 Membership Meeting
Meeting Minutes

Officers Present:
Pat Hunt – Dealer/Sponsor
Mark Goins – Director
Sheila Roberson – Asst Director
Audrey Goins – Liaison
Bill King – Secretary
Marsha King – Membership
Meeting Location: Logan’s Roadhouse at 2890 Florence Blvd, Florence AL 35630 with 47 members in

*Blue Tickets – Blue tickets will be given to everyone at the monthly meetings. Collect and save your
tickets for a special drawing in April for a 10 X 10 Harley Davidson Canopy.
Membership, and all it’s benefits, is available by having a national membership along with the local
membership with H. O. G. #3224. One of those benefits is a 10% discount at the dealership (except bikes
and service). An example of national membership benefits includes towing to the closest dealership if
*The meeting was led by Director Mark Goins. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Everyone was welcomed and officers were introduced. Upcoming rides were highlighted, please see the
website or HOGScan app.
*Jim Bob Kern was introduced and congratulated on his 40 years of work, a Master Technician for NTHD.
*Jim Bob gave a talk on Tips for Maintaining Your Bike in the Winter Months. Jim Bob explained the
importance of maintenance and introduced everyone to the Battery Tender/ Charger. 2014 or later
bikes have leads that connect directly to the Battery Tender, and a version is also available for bikes
before 2014. NTHD sells both types. Jim Bob also explained the importance of Fuel Stabilizer, along with
the importance of keeping a full tank of fuel to reduced the risk of rust. Ethanol Guard fuel stabilizer is
available at NTHD for $6.00 bottle and will keep your fuel from breaking down. Good way to avoid
unnecessary expense.
*Jim Bob also suggested a tip for the spring season in monitoring your tire pressure. Over/under inflation
can cause uneven wear. The required pressure can be found on the front down tube of the bike, and he
strongly suggests everyone get a tire gauge. Another tip? NTHD offers free pick up and delivery of your
bike for service. Just call NTHD for further information.
*Fawn Stogner of the NTHD Service Department urged everyone to call to schedule for service. They are
no longer accepting drop-offs for regular service. Please call the Service Department for further
information. Saturday and Sunday are first come, first served, and are reserved for jobs 2 hours or less.

*The HOGScan app is up and running. You can find information on upcoming events and rides, as well as
RSVP for the events and rides. If you have trouble with the app, and are using an android phone, simply
reinstall and that should correct the issue. There is a one-time fee for the app of $0.99, but you will not
be charged to reinstall the app. You will need a national number for app installation. To access the
website, just go to https://www.natcheztracehog.com and login. You will need your national number for
access to this site as well.
*Audrey encouraged everyone to come up with 2 dates on which they could plan / lead a ride. This would
quickly fill our calendar to encourage everyone to ride!
*Many positions with our HOG Chapter are open. Consider being a Ride Captain or Photographer.
*Next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 9 th . We look forward to seeing everyone! Let’s Ride!
Respectfully submitted,
Bill King