H. O. G. #3224 Membership Meeting

Meeting Minutes



Officers Present:

Pat Hunt – Dealer/Sponsor

Mark Goins – Director

Sheila Roberson – Asst Director

Audrey Goins – Liaison

Bill King – Secretary

Marsha King – Membership


Blue Tickets – Blue tickets will be given to everyone at the monthly meetings. Collect and save your tickets for a special drawing in April for a 10 X 10 Harley Davidson Canopy.

Membership, and all it’s benefits, is available by having a national membership along with the local membership with H. O. G. #3224. One of those benefits is a 10% discount at the dealership (except bikes and service). An example of national membership benefits includes towing to the closest dealership if needed.

3 Goals for our membership:

Increase our membership to 50 members by St Patrick’s Day
Increase communication by moving away from email and toward voicemail and text messages, calling post and HOG Scan (app/website)
Let’s Ride! Give suggestions for long or short rides, on weekdays or weekends. Lead a ride to your favorite spot.

Pat Hunt spoke on the dedication to teamwork between the H. O. G. Chapter and the dealership.

Audrey Goins spoke on the upcoming website and app HOG Scan, and the calendar of events. Also encouraged everyone to come up with 2 dates on which they could plan / lead a ride. This would quickly fill our calendar to encourage everyone to ride!

Our dealership will be an official stop on the National H. O. G. ride this summer. Date to be announced.

Be sure to RSVP and join the Music Hall of Fame Ride Chapter Ride on Friday 01/27/2023.Meet at the Alabama Hall of Fame. 10:30am

Meetings scheduled for the second Thursday of each month at 6pm. Location will be Logan’s Steakhouse at 2890 Florence Blvd, Florence, AL.

Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 9th at 6pm. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Respectfully submitted,

Bill King